Today is really nice weather, the sun is shining, some snow and not too cold. So we set out to take another walk through Kejimkujik Park. But first I wanted to go to the gas station - and what a surprise: the gas price has fallen by 7 cents per liter. The reason: There is a petrol price change out of sequence because the oil price has fallen and this should be passed on to the consumer at the petrol stations. That should also be introduced in Germany – but that’s a dream. And then it went to the Keji with the tank full. We really enjoyed the walk - there were no more tourist groups on the way. It is even more fun to hike there. It was a beautiful day with lots of photos and some videos.






Today we went to Lunenburg to the local farmers market. Then we went to Bridgewater to do the shopping for the week. Actually, we usually do our shopping on Sunday, but it was announced that there would be considerable snowfall for the next few days - so we wanted to go to the mall now. We ended the day at Mug & Anchor. Of course we got our VIP seat there - and Carol Ann didn't even ask what I would like to drink. She just said: A Mug & Anchor Ale! As Tony said: we're half locals after all 😊.






The weather report was right again almost to the minute the announced snowfall began. The first snow plowers made their control laps through the town 30 minutes before snowfall started. It is always astonishing for me to see that even at night several snow plowers drive through the streets at least 2-3 times an hour (of course the direct main roads first).





It still snowed until 9 a.m., but the streets had all been cleared or scattered. We then drove to Chester around 1 p.m. to enjoy a small meal there in our KIWI Restaurant. Then we made our way to Halifax. This is where the Christmas lights take place. The exact name was: Evergreen Festival Halifax. Certain locations (e.g. old Town Hall, Waterfront, old Library, Public Gardens) are illuminated with special light shows. Of course we didn't want to miss that. The trip was worth it - it was a little experience to admire the blaze of colors at the various locations. And here too: many visitors, but all of them with a distance and mask - EXEMPLARY! At 8 p.m. we drove back home.






Today we took a very long walk through the beautiful snowy landscape in Mahone Bay. Here it is really fun to walk through the place or through the forest.





Today was only announced washing day - because it is a rainy day. We then got up and went to Bridgewater to do some shopping.





Since the weather is nice again, we made our way to Hirtles Beach. It's only about 30 kilometers there - so quickly reached. And it's really nice there. We enjoyed the afternoon on the beach.






Today snow is again the order of the day - and really, at 2 p.m. the initially light snowfall begins. In the early evening there is then 5 cm of fresh snow, with a growing tendency. At 8 p.m. it's almost 10 cm - and the snow plowers drive through our street every 15 minutes.






Now we have really snow - it just looks beautiful. From the bedroom or living room the view of the Atlantic is simply priceless. And the view from the kitchen window is also nice. And it's really fun to watch the “little” snow plower when it clears the sidewalk. There is only a sidewalk here on one side of the road - and accordingly it is worked on several times an hour with the snow plower, i.e. cleared of snow. At the moment, different snow plowers (in different vehicle sizes) drive through the street every 10 minutes.





Nice walk through the snowy landscape - It was worth it. I finally got a picture of a female cardinal. I haven't been lucky so far - but now I have been able to take a picture of this red bird. Then there were Blue Jays and European Starlings.





Today it was raining again - and the snow is almost gone. In the evening there was a thunderstorm - it was very loud.





Today we went to Lunenburg to eat at the "New" Old Black Forest. There are almost only German dishes there. I think the menu card is cute - there is a kind of phonetic transcription in German next to the name.





We went to the KIWI in Chester again - it was absolutely necessary because we wanted to / had to strengthen ourselves for the writing marathon in the afternoon - a total of 36 Christmas cards were made and sent. The card motifs were photographed by me and then designed as a postcard. The dispatch is then carried out via the Internet.





Only went to Walmart today. Otherwise made a quiet day.





Today we went to Peggy's Cove again - the night before we heard voices saying to me: You need a captains breakfast !!!! So we had to go to Peggy's Cove to have a delicious breakfast there - there is this "Captains Breakfast". Breakfast is then composed as follows: 3 eggs, bacon, 3 sausages, 2 fish cakes, 3 toasts with delicious homemade jam and fried potatoes. In addition, of course, coffee with refill. And the price is okay too - the equivalent of 13 euros. After breakfast we of course visited the Lighthouse and I took some photos of the place ... and those without the famous Lighthouse. And since the tide was out, I took a photo of the parking lot (it was completely empty, except for ours Car) from where a strange rusted part can only be seen at low tide. After asking later, I finally know what it is - it's an old Bell buoy that was washed up there during a hurricane in 1940s. We then made the return trip quite comfortably as an “overland trip”. We had discovered that we had not yet seen certain parts of St. Margaret's Bay. So we passed what was then Gray Gull (that's what the building was called in the TV series Haven, which was filmed in Nova Scotia over 5 years). I didn't stop there though - the owner had changed several times in the meantime - and now a high metal fence has been erected around the site. I suspect fans continued to migrate there after the series ended and ignored the fact that it was private property. So ended a beautiful day.





Today is "We - stay-at-home-day" - it is snowing and freezing rain. We don't need to go outside.





Today we bought our Christmas tree at Balsamea House in Mahone Bay. We were really surprised by the price - we paid the equivalent of 18.50 euros for the tree. We were used to much higher prices from Germany. In the afternoon we went to Hirtles Beach again because the weather was so nice. It was worth it, because we could watch high waves and then we sat on the beach.





Another very nice day - so we went to Rissers Beach. It was wonderful - this time we hiked over the long bridge there for the first time, then went back to the beach. Then we had a picnic on the beach and just enjoyed the great view there.





It snowed a little. Then around 15 cm of fresh snow quickly became apparent. I dug up the car a little later - luckily the snow is cleared in front of the house and front door - unfortunately I couldn't do that myself. After a walk we set up and decorated our Christmas tree. And that is only possible here: Due to the snowfall, the service in our 3 churches was canceled.



12- 20 to 23-21


The snow stayed until Thursday morning - then the rain came and almost all of the snow is gone. So we only went for a few walks. Then on the 22nd I caught a cold - I felt like I used at least 10 quintals of handkerchiefs. And then the next day: Everything is fine - no runny nose, I feel fine.





Today is Christmas Eve - but Covid-19 will not stop before Christmas this year either. The numbers continue to rise in Nova Scotia as well. Therefore the service at our St. Johns Church was canceled. As a replacement there is an online service on Facebook. And at 5.15 pm the bells are rung and there is Christmas music - if you want to experience that, you can stand in your car in the parking lot in front of the churches and listen to the short event. Leaving the car is not allowed, however. Who would have thought that a tiny virus would still have us fully under control 2 years later.





It's Christmas! We had a nice day with delicious food and in the evening a nice bottle of red wine from the area (Luckett Vineyard).


Mahone Bay  seems almost deserted. Since there are no church services or Christmas events, hardly anyone can be seen on the street.






 Today would actually be Boxing Day - but this year it will only take place on December 27th. instead of.


So we went to Lunenburg and Blue Rocks in great weather. It was a nice tour!






Nice walk - it was dry but quite cool.





Again took a nice walk through Mahone Bay - it was dry and cool today too. The first snowflakes came at 4:46 p.m. - at 4:57 p.m. the first snow clearers drove and scattered.






Our church wedding was 39 years ago today - it was a few days ago.


At 10.30 am I was in the access center in Bridgewater. I wanted to get my Canadian driver's license there. Actually everything went well - until the eye test came. Somehow I didn't understand the good lady correctly - I should say whenever I see a flashlight in the field next to the numbers. That's how I understood it - unfortunately I couldn't see any flash or anything there. So we went to another device - but I couldn't see a flashlight there either - only on the outer edge to the right and left of the device I saw a red or green light, which I also told the good lady. But she probably didn't understand that. Suddenly I noticed a knock on the shoulder - another lady was standing there and explained to me exactly what they wanted to see from me - and lo and behold: it was the red and green lights I mentioned. So the sweat of fear was in vain - just a communication problem. It then took a total of 18 minutes until I was back in the car - and had my provisional Canadian driver's license in my pocket. That went really quickly, because a lot had to be asked and entered, the little problem with the eye test and then to another counter, where a photo was taken for the ID. And at the beginning, the lady at the first counter had only gone to her boss because she didn't know whether the exchange of driver's licenses would work like that. After a late breakfast, we went back to Bridgewater to do some shopping.






Today we had another very quiet day. We only went to the bank and post office. Afterwards a little stroll through Mahone Bay with the purchase of reduced Christmas decorations in the Teazer.