It’s  snowing - it just looks beautiful when the houses on the bay are nestled in the snow. Unfortunately, we don't see such beautiful sights in Germany, or very rarely. The snow, of course, called for a long hike down the trail in Mahone Bay. It was really fun to walk 8 kilometers through the forest and snow. And then a project was started - our first snowman on the balcony. He was small, but really cute 😊.




After getting up in the morning, the first step was to go into the kitchen to have a coffee - this time there was something  new : next to the Amos Pewter, Santa is standing in the snow. So first took a photo and then the drink my coffee. The second look out of the kitchen window brought a little surprise - Santa has hiked and is no longer alone. This time I went to the door briefly to take a decent photo.






Today is a small event in front of "our" church, the St. John's Evangelican Lutheran Curch in Mahone Bay. The festive Christmas Tree Lighting takes place at 6.30 p.m. There were a lot of people there - and they all wore masks and the distance was kept ... EVERYONE? No - a German stood in the middle, of course without a mask. I can't understand that personally. Still, it was a nice thing when the lights on the tree were turned on. To the tree - it's still a pretty small Christmas tree. The previous one was unfortunately very badly damaged in a strong storm some years ago and had to be completely removed. But in a few years the “new one” will also have reached a decent size.




We started the day with a visit to the church - there was a small market there. Then we went to the Mahone Bay Centre, where there was also a market. Later we went to Lunenburg. There is a small Christmas market here and then the Father Christmas Parade at 2 pm. The parade could take place despite Covid requirements, and the parade was not that big as the other years. But it was still nice to marvel at the groups and vehicles. But here too: all visitors on the roadside wore masks.






Today we went to the airport in Halifax. We had to swap our car. After swapping the vehicle, we drove to the KIWI Cafe in Chester to have a leisurely breakfast there.





Today was announced a day at home. Just lazing around, without tours or something.





After the lazy day we went to Wolfville today. From Kentville on, there was snow on the route, including on the road. But from Wolfville the road was again free of snow. We then ate delicious and then wandered through the local shops. And we bought something - a VW Bulli and a moose ... suitable for the Christmas tree 😊 .