We went back to Halifax - we had read that a certain shop in the Historic Properties would close shortly by the beginning of the next year.


And there are such beautiful T-Shirts. So we “had” to go to Halifax 😊.


Yes, what can I say - we left the store (Cool as a Moose) heavily packed.


Actually, we had planned not to buy any T-shirts this year - but the project can now be ticked off as a failure.


And after the strenuous shopping - especially for the credit card, we went to Salty’s for dinner.


Hard work must be rewarded!







A day to forget - I worked all day on the application for the extension of our stay here.


You can actually say: fought.


And I couldn't handle it because 2 forms couldn't be uploaded.







Done! My application is finally complete and uploaded. Now it continues with the application for Gabi. But then I already fail when trying to get into the account - I can't enter anything there.







After the exhausting and grueling work in terms of extension, we drove to Chester first today.


It was sunny and dry. Of course we ended up in the KIWI Cafe, where our breakfast was already waiting for us.


After lunch we drove to Bridgewater - and there we saw them:


the first snowflakes, or rather snow pebbles ”.


After about 3 minutes the spook was over and we went back home.







Today it started to snow at 4 a.m. It wasn't much, but it was enough that the gardens were covered with a light layer of snow. The streets were not covered in snow, however.







Hooray! It is done - Gabi's application has finally been transferred in full. I can't even say how often I was allowed to fill out the application (2 forms each with 5 or 2 pages).


The problems were probably due to the wrong program - the forms were only accepted as correctly filled out after I had installed and used Acrobat Reader. The programs I used otherwise only produced "alleged" errors.


Now it's time to “WAIT” for an answer and approval of the additional 2 months.


Oh yes - the snow was still there until 1 p.m. - then it rained a little and everything was gone again.


In the meantime we were still at the Farmers Market in Lunenburg - the usual “freshness shopping” there. In the evening we went to the Mug & Anchor for dinner - we had to be rewarded!







We were in Bridgewater to finally buy me a little lobster . We used the 20 minutes of cooking time for a stroll through the mall.


And then quickly home - the great hunger calls.


My lobster weighed almost 1 kg - it cost the equivalent of almost € 30.


But with that weight you would have paid a lot more in Germany.


And the part tasted ... ..MhMMMM delicious.







And back to Halifax. We wanted to visit Point Pleasant Park there for a walk. The weather was good - sunny, but a little cooler now. Before that we went to the Farmers Market and took a short walk through the Historic Properties.


When we arrived at the park, we were lucky and got the last free parking space.


So far we had never made it to visit this park - it is only 1.7 km away from our parking lot.


So the walk was really worth it and we will definitely go there again - or several times.





11-22-21 and 11-23-21



There is heavy rain and strong wind announced.


A power outage is to be expected and there could also be wind damage.


So I use the time to add text and photos to my homepage for the last few days (no new entry on my homepage since October 24th, 21).


On the evening of November 22nd we were together with our neighbors Janet, Gord and Otto with his children in the Mateus Bistro.


There we had a nice chat and had a delicious meal.


So far we have never been to the Mateus, we always wanted to, but it never worked.


But at some point everything will work out that we have planned - even if the idea to visit was not from us, but from Janet and Gord.


Oh yes - the rain was, as announced, really long and a bit stronger in between - but the wind was not particularly strong. This time the water wasn't in the garden. So I've been lucky so far.