We started the day with a nice breakfast in Eli's Espresso - Creperie Bretonne.


Strengthened, we went on tour to Port Meadow.


We were the only visitors there - but that's not a disadvantage or anything. So you can take photos undisturbed or stay where you want.


Then we drove to Rissers Beach - with sunshine and 18 degrees, a visit to the beach in November is a good idea.


We weren't all alone here, but it wasn't crowded with tourists. So we could walk comfortably through the forest and then along the beach - and enjoy the wonderful air and warm water / warm sandy beach.


 From Rissers Beach we drove briefly to Crescent Beach, which is right next to it, and went for a walk on the beach.


And then on the night of Tuesday there was the first frost!





Today we have planned a slightly longer route - longer but only according to German conditions. This time we went to Truro after we had freed the windows from the night frost.


 In Truro we wanted to visit Victoria Park and see there the 2 waterfalls Joe Howe and Waddell.


This time we had a bit of bad luck - the direct hiking trail to the falls was closed because work was being carried out there.


So the somewhat longer path with many steps was the order of the day.


Climbing the stairs was definitely worth it - the waterfalls looked really nice.


Quickly helped two other visitors - the 2 asked if I could take a picture of you with the waterfall in the background, which I was happy to do, and then we went back with the many steps.


But then did I realize that I could have asked the two of them if they could take a photo of me with the waterfall - unfortunately forgotten.


What we didn't do, however, is to go up the Jacobs Ladder with the 176 steps and then of course down again. Maybe next time we visit.


After leaving the park, we first went to breakfast.


We ended up at Bistro 22 and tried our luck there. And with success - even though we did not have a reservation (some of which was given), we got a table straight away.


And the breakfast we ordered was really delicious. Not worth mentioning is the fact that the service is very friendly here too (as everywhere so far).


After a walk through the city center, we went back home. So ended another warm and sunny day.






Today a rainy day was announced after there was another frost that night. So we made a very leisurely day without tours.






Since we didn't do a tour yesterday, a longer trip was planned for today.


It was to go to Yarmouth and then along the coast ("French part") to Digby.


The weather was definitely good again - sunshine and quite warm.


After we had driven around 220 kilometers, we first went to the Rudders to enjoy our breakfast / brunch there.


After lunch we went for a walk through the town - we wanted to see some of the old buildings there again.


There are really beautiful and sometimes very old houses everywhere.


And then our journey continued along the coast.


The small town of Sandfort was interesting - there you can see the smallest drawbridge in the world. It is really a very small bridge!


So we quickly took a few photos and the journey continued.


We actually wanted to visit Smugglers Cove - but the area is currently completely closed and cannot be entered / visited. Well, then stop until spring.


In between we made a few short stops and went to the local beaches.


Once we thought it was in Domburg / Zeeland - an astonishing resemblance.


We then drove to the home address via Digby. A great excursion, on which we saw a lot again that we had not yet been able to visit and see.






Today we went to Peggy's Cove again.


We wanted to go to Hags on the Hill before the gallery closes for the season. There is always a lot to see there and it is definitely worth a visit.


Then it was time to eat in the Sou Wester before going home again.






Today we didn't have far to go to our destination - we visited St. John's Lutheran Church here in Mahone Bay.


This church is the middle of the three famous churches on Edgewater Street.


Today there was a small Christmas market here - and of course we also found and bought a little something there.


After a walk, lazing around was announced.


During the night the clocks were then also changed here - why is this absolute nonsense not finally stopped? Nobody really needs that.






Today was the shopping day in Bridgewater. It's very pleasant and relaxed here, as the mall is open all week - no longer 24 hours, but every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.! So it is not so crowded and you can do your shopping comfortably and the little chat at the cash register is almost popular. In the afternoon we went for a walk on the Bay to Bay Trail.






Today Halifax was on the program again - we were hungry for breakfast at Cora's.


So we got in the car and drove the 90 kilometers to our parking lot.


The parking lot - parking in Halifax is not cheap. But I found 2 parking spaces where you can park for free for the first 2 hours - and on the weekend even completely free of charge with no time limit. And the footpaths to the various restaurants / shops etc. are also within tolerable limits. Sometimes it is around 10 minutes, but also right in front of the door from the Farmers Market.


After breakfast we went through the shops and then drove to Chester. Somehow the way led back to the KIWI Cafe - but a coffee and dessert is always possible.


The weather was good again - 15 degrees with sunshine.






New destination this year - we first went to Lockeport to the beach. We had 16 degrees and sunshine, so it is of course nice on the beach.


Incidentally, we were the only visitors there - a wonderful silence, apart from the sound of the sea.


We then drove on to Shelburne, where we had lunch in our local local "The Sea Dog Restaurant". The food was good as always. After a long walk through the town, we started our way back.


However, we made a stop near Liverpool. There is the Concrete Creations Cosby‘s Garden - there you can admire many sculptures.


We have been there several times and are thrilled every time, what the artist has created over and over again and placed on the site.


Our last visit was more than 2 years ago - and there was some news to be admired now.


So whoever should be there on vacation nearby - definitely go there.


Admission is free, but a small donation is welcome.


Here is the address: 4122 Sandy Cove Road, Nova Scotia Trunk 3, Brooklyn.






Another day to laze around as it is raining. We used the day to drive to the farmers market in Lunenburg. There we got fresh vegetables, etc. and fresh pretzels and croissants. Then we drove to Bridgewater to the mall for normal shopping.






Today sunshine again. We took advantage of the good weather and drove to Lunenburg to take a long walk through the streets. And as often as we have been there - there is always something to see that you have not noticed or noticed before.






Nothing was on the program today - so I took a fairly long walk on the Bay to Bay Trail. Once in the direction of Lunenburg and back - then the trail on the other side to Mahone Bay, and then slowly back to our house.


I miss such walks when we are in Germany. I can't really get myself up there and go into the fields or the Kottenforst. It's completely different here - it can rain or snow, which doesn't stop me from taking a nice walk.