We drove back to Indian Falls after a very long time.


We were last there in 2011 - it was time to see if anything had changed.


But there were no  changes – we can still admire the landscape with the small waterfalls and take a nice walk through the forest.


With some new photos, we made our way back home.


Our tour back was very worthwhile - since the Indian summer with its blaze of colors still provides great pictures.


The trip was definitely worth it.






Today drove to the KIWI Cafe in Chester and had a delicious breakfast…. and what a surprise: I got Lobster Roll!


After breakfast we drove to Lunenburg to take a long walk there.


We found out that the parking lot at the Old Fish Factory / Museum can now be used free of charge because the season has ended.


This is of course good for us, as we can now park very centrally.


In the afternoon it started to storm lightly - wind speeds of around 80 km / h.


So nothing threatening, even if the water in the bay risen only a little.


In 2014 we had much higher water levels.






Today is a complete rainy day. And still stronger wind - last night it made our little table on the balcony a feature film star ... .. Gone with the wind (blown over) in the new film version 😊.


In this weather we decided: no tour today.






We couldn't let it do and went back to Peggy's Cove. The weather was pretty good - cloudy, but dry and warm.


After Peggy's Cove we went to the Swissair Memorial. We were not there alone, as expected, a few other visitors were there.


It was funny when we wanted to get to our car - shortly before reaching our car I pressed the door opener - the lights of the car went on briefly to confirm.


Without paying any more attention to the vehicle, I opened the driver's door while Gabi opened the door on the passenger side.


But then we stopped - I thought to myself: why does the interior suddenly look so different? And why is that stupid Hertz sticker suddenly on the door again ????


Well - the explanation was very simple - it wasn't our car!


 But why my remote control opened the doors was a mystery to me.


So quickly a few meters further ... and our car was waiting there. Funny business.


Or had the now arriving occupants of the "wrong" car left their car unlocked and I just imagined the lights coming on? It won't be cleared up. So we drove on home.


At 6 p.m. I finally had the long-planned meeting with my buddy Tony. Tony is the owner of Salty Sea Dog and is an actor and diver on The Curse of Oak Island - and he was our neighbor in 2017 and 2019, which is how we met.


It was a great evening with a delicious beer!


October 29, 2021


Today's tour took us to Wolfville, where we went for a walk and of course had lunch at Rosie's (paddy's).


After refreshment, we drove to Grand Pre - finally almost no tourists there.


So I was finally able to take pictures of the Evangeline statue and the church.


But the immediate surroundings were also very worthwhile when it came to photos.


The Indian Summer still brought great colors!


Finally we drove to the Luckett Winery, where we bought 2 bottles of wine for Christmas. And then it went back home.


It was a great day with very warm temperatures and sunshine.






Today we drove to Terence Bay, Prospect and Peggy's Cove.


The weather was a mix of sunshine and clouds. But it was dry and still quite warm.


Most of the photos this time had a motive: Halloween decorations!


And it showed again how friendly the people are there. I stand on the street and take a few photos…. Suddenly the figures that are set up start to “come to life”.


And then an older man came to me and said he wants to show me everything that he had built in several weeks.


But of course that wasn’t possible on his own - so the neighbor was quickly informed, who then came out directly.


So I got an exclusive tour - unfortunately it took a little longer than planned because the neighbor wanted to start the compressors so that everything really "lived" ...


and poor Gabi was sitting in the car and waiting.


That ended the day and we drove back home.




The week then ended on October 31, 2021 with the announced rain during the day. So we stay at home - I just walked the streets late in the evening.


There were a lot of groups (parents with children) traveling there - they went from house to house and asked for sweets Trick or Treat.

Accordingly, not only the children were in the Halloween look, but also the parents!

It was interesting that in front of many houses the residents had set up tables and chairs at which they sat and waited for the children to give them sweets.

And of course one shouldn't go unmentioned: I was greeted warmly from every group I met!

That's Nova Scotia!