Today we went to the Farmers Market in Lunenburg at around 9 a.m .It was  the first time since 2019.


Due to Covid 19, the number of stands was slightly reduced. Drinks and food of any kind were also not allowed in the interior. But that doesn't bother me anymore.


We then bought fresh vegetables and pretzels and croissants from the bakery.


Then we went home for breakfast. There I got the pretzels and the croissant for Gabi. Gabi was incredibly delighted with her croissant - it not only tasted good, it tasted very good.


In contrast to the German croissants, they didn't crumble - and yet it was totally fluffy!


Satisfied, we went for a walk through our place. We quickly checked the post office and took some photos - and then we thought we could go to the beach with this great weather - it was  18 degrees and sunny.


 It is only 27 minutes to Hirtles Beach, which is not a distance.


No sooner said than done - around 30 minutes later we were on the beach. The water was warm and so was the sand on the beach - otherwise sunshine and the already mentioned 18 degrees.


That was a really good idea to go to the beach. Then back home again.


At 5.15 p.m. we set off in the direction of Lunenburg. We had reserved a table in the Old Black Forrest for 5.30 pm. We have been going to this restaurant for dinner over and over again over the past few years.


This time it was our 1st visit after the owners had changed. We were very excited to see what the food would be like now.


In a few words - the food was still good.


But my first look when entering the restaurant was on the wall - there was a larger slate attached - and my name was also on this "Wall of Thanks" board.


I made a small donation to the restaurant because the owners had to close the restaurant shortly after it was taken over by Covid. When I was greeted by the waitress, I was amazed - I was addressed directly as "Klaus from Germany" - I only made the reservation with the names Klaus & Gaby.


Yes, and at the end we received a small package - including two jugs from the restaurant as a "thank you for the donation" - we were very happy!


So this day ended too.







Today we took a rest day - that means no major tours.


A washing day was scheduled for this - it has to be done once in a while.


As a reward for us there was cheesecake with coffee later - but only after we had taken a nice walk through our town. It was still sunny and warm – so we like it to go for a walk there.




Today we went to Halifax for the Farmers Market.


 Incidentally, the market has not been in the old location since March (?).


Now the Market was next to Pier 21 in Hall 22.


Probably this has something to do with Covid, among other things.


In addition, the hall from the former market is currently being completely restored.


We were amazed that there were still so many suppliers / dealers there despite the later season.


The hall was well stocked and well attended. This time we only bought fresh pretzels and croissants at the German Bakery in Annapolis.


Then we took a nice walk along the waterfront before we drove back home.


Oh yes - it was still dry and warm.







Today we went on  tour to Annapolis - but in contrast to the last few days, it was quite windy today and only 8 degrees.


We went for a walk and after this went to eat in the German Bakery afterwards - schnitzel with salad and fried potatoes.


Sated we drove to the Annapolis Hydro & Power building / plant.


Electricity is generated there with the help of the tidal range !!


A very good thing. In the Nova Scotia area, 91% of electricity is generated by wind power and hydropower - that's what I call clean electricity!


Then we drove back home via detours and another week had passed.