Part 4 : Week October 11th to 17th



At the start of the week, we have not planned anything special.


 It was again very sunny and warm - around 20 degrees. So we only did our Mahone Bay Walk.


The next day our 1st “big washing day” with the new washing machine and dryer.


And it worked without any problems - the laundry was clean and was also the original size 😊.


After the hard work we went to Chester as a reward to have something to eat in the KIWI Cafe. Afterwards, chilling out on the balcony at home was the order of the day.


On Wednesday we drove to Bear River with still summer temperatures. There we made our mandatory visit to the Flight of Fancy. There we heard that the owner Rob is unfortunately not doing so well - cancer . We were actually looking forward to meeting Rob in person again after a good two years. But maybe it will work out at a later point in time. After Bear River we went to Digby. We had a delicious lunch there, still at what felt like 26 degrees. A stroll down Main Street rounded off the visit there before heading back home. And another day had passed.


No sunshine on Thursday - it was raining. Almost 2 hours before it got sunny again.


We used the rainy hours for shopping in the mall in Bridgewater.


Today, Thursday, we're going to Peggy's Cove again.


On our last visit we hadn't eaten there at Sou Wester – what a shame 😊.


 That should now be made up for with a nice breakfast. The food was delicious again - The Captains Breakfast with fishcakes, sausages, potatoes, bacon and 3 eggs and toast with great jam (homemade). You could be more than satisfied with it.


The visit to Ivan Frazer didn't work out - the Peggy of the Cove Museum was obviously closed.


OK - then on my next visit there - I wanted to buy 3 books there about Peggy's Cove, which now had to be postponed.


Nevertheless it was a nice tour - and the way back was nice and comfortable on the  road instead of the highway.


That way you could enjoy the landscape much better.


And already Friday had come. Today we go to Kejimkujik National Park.


We are already looking forward to the blaze of colors of the Indian Summer there.


And we were not disappointed.


The colors of the leaves on the trees look fantastic - everything from yellow to bright red can be seen.


 In return, the drive to Keji was very worthwhile - even if it rained in between.


It is autumn and there can be more than just summer temperatures.


And I was able to take some photos that I personally liked very much. And that’s what me make happy!


At the end of the week we made a "recovery day" - slept longer and did not go on a tour.


Of course, our walk through Mahone Bay was a must.


 In the late afternoon there was another surprise - suddenly Skype rang and our friends and neighbors Dirk, Chanchal, Finn Jai and Janne greeted us. It was very nice to see the 4 and to be able to chat a little, although there are a good 5,800 kilometers between us. It's nice that this technology exists.


And so another week was over.