Cape Breton and Baddeck


Then on Thursday we went to Baddeck - Cape Breton. It was a really warm summer day again and we took our time on the drive.


Before we reached Cape Breton, we first made a stop in Pictou. Unfortunately, the Hector was just a ship without masts and inner workings - it was and is still being extensively restored.


But we ate delicious in the restaurant near by


We made another stop then  in Port Hasting and visited the Visitor Centre there.


Of course, that couldn't be done without buying a few t-shirts - you can always use them 😊.


And then we met in Baddeck - we were already expected by Dick and Liz, who had invited us. What can we say - 2 very nice and friendly people.


We are really happy to have met them in 2017 and 2019.


This time we stayed there until Saturday - and what was really special: breakfast together on Friday and Saturday – it feels like a family breakfast!!!


 Of course we managed the Cabot Trail completely in one day again this year. It was an experience again, especially since the play of colors at the beginning of the Indian Summer is really something very special.


And then we also completely managed the Skyline Trail. However, in the end we were almost exhausted ourselves. But the hike was nice - unfortunately too many tourists who weren't able to remain a little quiet. So it was not possible to see animals there. On Saturday we went back home - but it was difficult to say goodbye to Dick and Liz. But we have assured us that we will be back! And a promise is a promise.


This time we drove over the Ceilidh Trail to Judique to the Celtic Music Interpretive Center, where we wanted to have lunch.


Upon arrival, we were initially amazed at the filled parking lot - a number of Corvettes were parked there. We feared that there would probably not be a free table in the center. But of course we wanted to try it. But as feared, all tables were occupied.


But the waitress said she would ask "Willi" if we could sit down with him at his table.


 "Wiili" is a local, she said and went to ask. 1 minute later she came back and said, all right, Willi invites us to his table.


And then we got to know “Willi” - the first thing Willi said was: I’m like the furniture of the Centre here - in other words: he is already a part of the inventory there.


We had a good chat over dinner and hear the Live Celtic music.


And again it showed how friendly the people are in Nova Scotia.


Then we really drove on home.


The rest of the Saturday after our arrival and also on Sunday we took a “rest day”. Apart from celebrating Thanksgiving and taking a stroll through Mahone Bay, it was really just relaxing.


And so ended the week in which we experienced a lot - that's vacation!