Part 3 , October 4th to October 06th



Today is October 4th - great weather with sunshine and almost 20 degrees –


it's almost too warm to go for a walk.


But that would now be grumbling at a very high level. But when it's that warm, we thought we'd go to the beach.


So we went  to Hirtles Beach. The parking lot was quite busy and there were a few visitors on the beach itself. But we could really enjoy the walk on and in the water.


After we had enough sun and beach, we first drove to Petite Reviere to take a look at the new store. The old one burned down completely in 2019 and then it was rebuilt. But it wasn't enough for a photo - there were too many vehicles in front of the building.


But I took a photo there later, since we are still here for a few months and there is still the possibility to take pictures.


Now the little hunger came up and we drove to the Old Fish Factory in Lunenburg, where we had a delicious meal again.


 Back to Mahone Bay, I went on a little walk again. While I was standing by the water to take some photos, I saw a car from which the driver waved friendly.


This is not really something special here, as the people are very friendly and just say hello to everyone. But here the case was different - the vehicle turned and came back to me.


And what a surprise - it got off Mr. L from the Mahone Bay Postoffice. Mr. L greeted me and said he saw and recognized me as he drove by. Now he just wanted to say "Hello" .


I was very surprised - we were last regularly at the post office in 2017. In 2019 due to Gabi's accident only 2-3 times…. and Mr. L. has not forgotten us and also recognized me directly. I then said that we would come to the post office the next day to get a P.O. Box (t’is free here!).


We will be surprised again and again here!



The next day we made a trip to Peggy's Cove.


There we took a look at the progress of the construction work - actually the deck should be finished in June, but that didn't work.


In the meantime, however, a new wash house has already been built and put into operation, and the street has been given a new tarred surface. A really good sidewalk from the Visitor Centre to almost Amos Pewter was also completed.


It will take a while before everything is finally finished. You will then have to get used to the new sight on Peggy's Cove - but at least it is then possible to marvel at the lighthouse without barriers and to get close enough.


So far I have saved myself photos of the construction site - let's see, maybe on a later visit there. Then we drove again to Chester to KIWI Cafe. Today there was obviously the meeting of the German tourists - everyone on the deck came from Germany. Otherwise it was a sunny and very warm day again, like every day since our arrival. On October 6th (Wednesday) we first went shopping to Bridgewater - Walmart there. Then we went to Crescent Beach - at 21 degrees, felt 26 ° that was of course fitting. It was also pretty empty so we could really enjoy our time there. The water was also still quite warm, actually more like in summer and not in autumn.